Weirdo normalisation

( subscribe to quotables ) Data & Society’s Next Stage In March 2013, in a flurry of days, I decided to start a research institute. I’d always dreamed of doing so, but it was really my amazing mentor and boss – Jennifer Chayes – who put the fire under my toosh. I’d been driving her crazy about the need to have more people deeply interrogating how data-driven technologies were intersecting with society. Microsoft Research didn’t have the structure to allow me to move fast (and break things). University infrastructure was even slower. There were a few amazing research centers and think tanks, but I wanted to see the efforts scale faster. And I wanted to build the structures to connect research and practices, convene conversations across sectors, and bring together a band of what I loved to call “misfit toys.”   So, with the support of Jennifer and Microsoft, I put pen to paper. And to my surprise, I got the green light to help start a wholly independent research institute.

Someone who’s not particularly successful, but not particularly unsuccessful will probably make senior in five years 2 . For our conservative baseline, let’s assume that we’ll never make it past senior, into the pay grades where compensation really skyrockets. We’d expect earnings (total comp including stock, but not benefits) to looks something like:

Weirdo NormalisationWeirdo NormalisationWeirdo Normalisation